Since 2013 I am a mother and this as changed my way of working in many ways. During my studies between 2014 and 2016 at DAS theater I researched what the role of Shamanism, Mediation, Mindfulness, and intuitive work in visual, and performance art, can mean.

With PAE(performance art event) I hope to organisea workshop in july and september 2019

With TRICKSTER we made an amazing Opera, HEROPERA

On a weekly basis I give a visual performances and workshop for the organisation Kleintje kunst and am looking for more opportunities to give workshop where I share my practise, that I call mindful moving and I have developed it to sculpt movement, as I want to slow down, slow move, slow art, slow... the moment and ..... to be here....

to bring harmony, to heal, to reflect, to ponder, to just be....

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