Sathurday 4th of February at 20.00 uur, door open 19.45 uur.
@ Hommes Gallery ; Charloisse Kerksingel 14, Rotterdam

In 2016 Nina Boas graduated at DAS Theatre Academy with the performance Paper Body. In the exhibition What's the difference between me and you, Nina Boas shows a video registration of this performance. On February 4 we present a live performance in the galery with excerpts of Paper Body. We cordially invite you to join this evening with us.
Performer Paula Chaves Bonilla.

inspired by visions from dreams, Nina Boas takes the audience in her performances with her in her own created worlds through various types of projection and playing with scale. The multiple layers of techniques and images she creates space to depict a (musical) narrative in which larger themes such as feminism, politics and family relationships to be treated delicately.

Nina Boas about Paper body: 'I draw two figures on a white sheet of paper, I sculpt their movements carefully, I sculpt their movements carefully, slowly they go through a transformation. A play grows out of veiling and unveiling, out of light and shadow, stills and movement. We follow them into dream states, sensing their existence, their movements, wondering what they are to us'.

Photo's by Thomas Lenden from the presentation Paper body, performer Paula Chaves Bonilla