Time Traveling with Plants (May 2023)
Nina Boas participated in a short work period at Tetem's FabLab. This laboratory is equipped with advanced digital and fabrication technologies, including 3D (food) printers, laser cutters, embroidery machines, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and home automation. In addition to the FabLab, which focuses on making and programming, there is also a Film & Game Lab where techniques such as stop-motion, 360-degree films, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality can be explored.

During her stay, Boas discovered the use of the embroidery machine. She worked with images of local endangered herbs, such as the devil's bit, a plant with an intriguing story and healing properties. At the end of May 2023, Boas will present a performance at Tetem, incorporating elements from her research.

After the residency at Tetem, Boas received an invitation to perform during the art weekend. Over the course of two days, Boas conducted a ritual. The audience was guided inside and provided with masks adorned with embroidered patterns of the devil's bit (warkruid) plant. They took their seats in a circle, where Boas led them wearing the masks. She engaged them with a narrative about herbs, a meditation, and a timeline ritual involving plants throughout history. A song was also sung, and the ritual was accompanied by the cello music of Florien Hamer.