Folllies Fille is my first performance made through a production house (Feikes Huis, object theater in Amserdam) it premiered in June 2012. I have dreamed of creating a theater production since 2007; it came to me when I saw a series of drawings next to each other and it seemed to be like a narrative for a theater piece. How do I realize this production? The play ‘Follies Fille’ the result: a daydream experience, a mix of daily life routines with Hollywood fantasies dancing, but also about relationships, and the society we are stuck in.
A theater production created with the setup developed at STEIM. Working with two actors and a group of dancers interacting in my live drawing projection.

Concept, direction, and play: Nina Boas
Dramaturgy and guidance: Leen Braspenning
Choreography: Lenneke Bisschop
Dramaturgy, choreography and final directing: Alfredo Fernandez
Play: Natalie Smoor, Duraid Abbas Ghaieb
Stage design: Udo Thijssen
Costumes: Emmelie Mijs
Music: Studio 17
Technical support: STEIM (Georgios Papadakis)
Production: Feikes Huis
Tour starts in 2013.
Eddy Wenting; name citation mandatory.
VideoTrailer available at http://www.youtube.com/feikeshuis