Nina Boas
Holendrechtstraat 14 -1
1078TT Amsterdam

born in Saumur (FR)1980
lives and works in Amsterdam

Born in Saumur (FR)1980
Lives and works in Amsterdam

2019 training in ART of Hosting, Gent
2016 DASTheater master in theater, Amsterdam
2006 Docent beeldende kunst, HRO, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
2003 Bachelor’s van beeldende kunst (AKI, Artez), Enschede, afdeling: beeldhouwen

2021 Balkonscènes for project Holographic modes
2020 Balkonscènes/ bijdragen via de Anjeractie van het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds voor HERO/PERA (revisited)
2017/2018 AFK project subsidie muziektheater, Prins Bernard cultuurfonds, Elize Mathilde en Niemeijerfonds (HEROPERA)
2017/2018 AFK Amsterdam project subsidie beeldende kunst, Prinsbernard Cultuur fonds Noord-Holland en stichting Stokroos. (ECHOES OF SHAMANISM)
2013 AFK Amsterdam project subsidie theater.( PLESERIAN TEMPO DOELOE)

2021 RAINBOWSOUNDS, This Art Fair, PS Den haag, Amsterdam
2021 BINNENWOUD, ism Jasmin Halser, productie huis Het Grand theater, Groningen
2021 BEAR Fine Art, Arnhem, 6 weeks project (Storytelling, performance, humor and VR) in collaboraton with Abner Preis.
2020 WILDERMAN and THE CLOWN, online performance with Abner Preis and project Wildeman
2020 KRUISBESTUIVING, Online performance, Art partner
2020 PAPIER TELEPHONE, Dial-a-Spectacle, phone performance, created by Emilie Gallier, performed by Nina Boas, Katinka Marac and Camille Gerbeau
2020 Transmossing/Steamdress, In()side Space for Transformative Art in Amsterdam, Vrij Paleis (Botanic circus/Arlette van Laar and Nina Boas)
2020 HERO/PERA, Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) a opera with the Trickster collective
2020 Papier gribouillé, Papier telephone, Home Performance Program of III, Phone performance, created by Emilie Gallier, performed by Nina Boas, Katinka Marac and Camille Gerbeau.
2020 PAPIER MULTIFORME, PAPIER COMESTIBLE, Come together 5#,Frascati Amsterdam (NL), created by Emilie Gallier, performed by Nina Boas, Katinka Marac and Camille Gerbeau.
2020 DERRING-DO, performance workshops for kids of parents working at Unilever during the Corona (NL) workshop
2020 BOTANIC CIRCUS, Come together 5#,Frascati, Amsterdam,(NL) Installation in collaboration with Arlette van Laar
2020 Constellation Placement Method with relic number 43, What Remains, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, (VS) Performance
2020 RAIBOWSOUNDS #2, Zuiderlicht, Amsterdam (NL) Performance
2019/2020, SELF HEALING WORSHOP, Dynamo Amsterdam (NL) Workshop
2019 OBJECTS &VEILS, PAWS, PAE, Amsterdam (NL), workshop
2019 PLESERIAN TEMPO DOELOE, Cafe Riboet, Sofia hof museum, Den Haag (NL) performance collaboration with Nathalie Smoor
2019 SALON TUIN, Rijn en dine, Amsterdam (NL) Installation collaboration with Arlette van Laar
2019 RAINBOWSOUNDS, The living village, performance festival in de Sjamandada Tent, Dalfsen (NL), performance
2019 PSYCHOKINESIS FOR A NEW WORLD, come together 4#, performing arts festival, Frascati, performers Zoë Schollee, Inez Almeida en Nina Boas Amsterdam (NL) performance.
2018 PAPIER MULTIFORME, PAPIER COMESTIBLE, Perdu Amsterdam (NL), created by Emilie Gallier, performed by Nina Boas, Katinka Marac and Camille Gerbeau.
2018 HEROPERA, 3 residenties (Extrapool, Het Huis, Ubic) and 8 performances (Concordia Enschede, Extrapool Nijmegen, Ostade theatre Amsterdam, Ubic Worm Rotterdam, Vrijburg Amsterdam) (NL) a opera with the Trickester collective.
2018 ECHOES OF SHAMANISM, Amstelpark, Het Glazenhuis (zone2source), Amsterdam (NL) Performance event curated with PAE initiatief.
2018 LECTURE and WORKSHOP, Opensource, COS, Den Haag (NL) with other performance artists
2018/2020 WORKSHOP, for kleintjekunst Amsterdam (NL) For toddlers and artist collegues
2018 AFFIRMING HELMET, Waited for the fish corner, group show, Gallery Hommes, Rotterdam (NL) Installation
2018 WORKSHOP, for kunstcentrum Diepenheim, (NL) for art school students.
2017/2018 JOURNEY INSTALLATION, Fox and the grapes (groupshow) Kunstcentrum Diepenheim, curator Alexandra Landre (NL) installation.
2017/2018 HET HUIS, two research periods, Utrecht (NL) residency
2017 BEYOND RITUAL, performance event in Villa Waldberta, Munich (DE) performance.
2017 LECTUR en WORKSHOP, Beyond ritual, Munich (DE)
2017 PAPER BODY, Gallery Hommes, performer Paula Chaves, Rotterdam (NL) performance
2016 UNVEILED, month of performance, Concordia, Enschede (NL) performance
2016 PAPIER CORPS, PAE, La Connection des Performances Artistiques Françaises, Alience Françaises, Rotterdam (NL) performance
2016 MY MOTHERS PAINTING, duo exhibition, Galerry Hommes, Rotterdam (NL) performance
2016 DE VOLKSKRANT, Article 5th February 2016 page 6, My mothers painting (NL) article
2016 PLESERIAN TEMPO DOELOE #2 Sonsbeek, ruruhuis, Arnhem (NL) performance collaboration with Nathalie Smoor.
2016 PAPER BODY, DAS Theater, performers Paula Chaves, Leela May Stockholm, Amsterdam (NL) performance
2016 PAPIER CORPS, Het huis, Makersdag, performers Paula Chaves, Leela May Stockholm, Inez Almeida, Luca Hillen, Utrecht (NL) performance
2016 BARTIMEUS, Creatieve intervention, Art partner, Amsterdam (NL)
2016 OPERA, MENGI, Reykjakvik, (IS) performance in collaboration with Trickester collective
2016 HONDEN TATOEAGES TEXTIEL ETEN TUINIEREN, Charloise speciaal, Zuidplein, Rotterdam(NL) Performance event gecureerd onder PAE initiatief.
2016 LA CONECTION DES PERFORMANCES ARTISTIEQUES FRANÇIASES, Alience Françaises, Rotterdam (NL) Performance event curated by PAE
2016 BREAKING ROUTINES, museum nacht, Goethe instituut Rotterdam (NL) Performance event curated by PAE.
2015 CONVERSATION GAME, New Gamegrounds, Brakkegrond Amsterdam (NL) performance
2015 WORKSHOP, for WDK academy students in collaboration with Ieke Trinks, Rotterdam (NL)
2015 THE PLAY, FUCK YOU FRIDRICH, internationals woman’s day, Worm Rotterdam (NL) performance with Trickester collective